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Team Exploriana is made up of three games companies that came together to create Exploriana. Triple Ace Games Ltd, Counters Out Ltd and Chaos Publishing Ltd.

Robin Elliott of Triple Ace Games Ltd.

Triple Ace Games [website link] have been making games for 10 years and brought a wealth of knowledge to the team. As well as helping to develop Exploriana with the team, coming up with many of the ideas that were included in the game to enhance the gameplay. Robin also created all the graphic design elements in Exploriana. He created the cards, boards, the box, he designed the rulebook, created the iconography and much, much more.

Dicky Duerden of Counters Out Ltd.

Dicky helped develop Exploriana, he ran the playtest groups that checked that any changes we developed worked well and were enjoyable. Dicky is also our community manager, dealing with all the advertising, blogging and promotion needed to market a successful game.

Counters out is the publishing arm of Chance & Counters [website link], the iconic Bristol and Cardiff board game café company. Counters out was created to develop board games and Exploriana will be their first published game, let’s hope it’ll be the first of many. 

Miles Ratcliffe and David Inker of Chaos Publishing Ltd

Miles created Exploriana and worked with the team to develop it into the fun game it is now. Miles is the lead designer on the project. Having devised this amazing game he has play-tested Exploriana to exhaustion, honing the game play.

David oversees administration and logistics, manufacturing, shipping, and etc. He is the finance manager, running the accounts, and also created all of the written content for the game.

[Chaos Publishing website]

Richard Dearing

Richard is our superb artist. He spent many, many hours creating the fabulous artwork for our game and we all think he did an awesome job! [website link]

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