The Game

Exploriana – A Game of Exploration & Discovery!

EXPLORIANA is a competitive push your luck game of exploration and discovery designed by Miles Ratcliffe with stunningly gorgeous artwork by Richard Dearing with graphic design by Robin Elliott. The players control the fates of intrepid explorers travelling to the far-off regions of the globe in search of unknown species of plants, fantastic animals, glittering treasures and incredible lost cities that have never been seen before!

Late in the 19th century vast continents are opened up to exploration and a wave of interest grips scientists and explorers across the globe. Fantastic animals, strange and beautiful plants, fantastic treasures and ancient sites of lost civilisations all await discovery. Expeditions to far-off regions are always filled with peril, but the challenge is hard to resist. Brave adventurers in search of riches, scientists with a hankering for knowledge and recognition, and intrepid explorers with a burning desire to map the globe: all set out for these wondrous lands with hopes of gaining a place in the history books.